shower mixer for low pressure

High-End Luxury: The Brass Faucet Shower

The luxury brass faucet shower, a hallmark of high-end shower systems, is a blend of elegance, functionality, and durability. This high-quality fixture offers a superior shower experience, making it a preferred choice for luxury homes and upscale hotel bathrooms. The advantages of a luxury brass faucet shower are plentiful, extending from aesthetics and durability to…

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bathroom furniture vanity

bathroom cabinet with mirror effect

The inclusion of a bathroom cabinet with mirror is a game-changer in the world of bathroom vanities. This single piece of furniture can dictate the style, functionality, and overall aesthetic of your bathroom experience. As a critical component of a bathroom’s functionality and décor, it offers more than meets the eye.     Bathroom cabinets…

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Pull-down kitchen faucets: what are they?

Pull-down kitchen faucet A spray head on a pull-down kitchen faucet may be dragged down and extended from the faucet spout, making it a popular type of kitchen faucet. It is made to be flexible and practical for a variety of kitchen jobs, especially dishwashing and sink cleaning. The spray head, which is connected to…

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shower faucet installation procedure

shower faucet installation procedure   A.Process analysis of a single control pre-built shower faucet   The right side of the installation diagram is the effect after installation, and it specify two important elements here: the installation of the control valve  and the wall outside the shower. The decorative panel is closed after the pre-built mixer, and the…

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shower mixer concealed

How to choose shower mxier concealed ?

We are considering a unique shower, however we are worried that shower mixer concealed will leak.When we renovate a home, we want to give various spaces a sense of excellence and quality. Now, you can learn all about shower mixer concealed.   shower mixer concealed three key groups Class A: shower mixer concealed with a single-control mixer valve…

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Digital Thermostatic Shower Valve

Thermostatic shower O manual shower ?

When choosing a shower, there are thermostatic shower and manual shower for sale respectively, and the price difference is considerable. So what is the difference between a thermostatic shower and a manual shower? A thermostatic shower is that can make the water temperature stable at a preset temperature, while an manual shower is the one we…

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EMPOLO faucet colors collections

EMPOLO faucet interprets the arcs as colours, them with respective colour profiles. Fun, sport, love and respect for the territory. Powered by the same values, EMPOLO in A green aspect that also goes along with a passion for sport and fun. From the harmonious union of form and colour, materials and finishes, comes Eternal collection…

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