shower mixer for low pressure

High-End Luxury: The Brass Faucet Shower

The luxury brass faucet shower, a hallmark of high-end shower systems, is a blend of elegance, functionality, and durability. This high-quality fixture offers a superior shower experience, making it a preferred choice for luxury homes and upscale hotel bathrooms. The advantages of a luxury brass faucet shower are plentiful, extending from aesthetics and durability to…

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bathroom furniture vanity

bathroom cabinet with mirror effect

The inclusion of a bathroom cabinet with mirror is a game-changer in the world of bathroom vanities. This single piece of furniture can dictate the style, functionality, and overall aesthetic of your bathroom experience. As a critical component of a bathroom’s functionality and décor, it offers more than meets the eye.     Bathroom cabinets…

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shower faucet installation procedure

shower faucet installation procedure   A.Process analysis of a single control pre-built shower faucet   The right side of the installation diagram is the effect after installation, and it specify two important elements here: the installation of the control valve  and the wall outside the shower. The decorative panel is closed after the pre-built mixer, and the…

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bathroom shower set

What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking?

What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking? bathroom shower set blockage bathroom shower nozzle with a long time. water output will become smaller. Because water quality is not good,water contains more alkali. Water scale deposits at  outlet hole, resulting in the shower blockage. You have to rely on  shower after service to solve. Therefore, it is important…

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water faucet

water faucet how to maintenance ?

 water faucet shower knowledge: tips on maintenance of water faucet shower, from a variety of maintenance to elaborate. Due to  water quality, environmental factors, internal shower will produce a certain amount of limescale and impurities. Limescale and impurities accumulated to a certain extent, may have an impact on bathing comfort, and even destructive effect on…

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How to Clean The Bathroom Toilet

  The bathroom  toilet is also a piece of furniture that is generally difficult to clean. Especially the yellow stains inside the toilet, many people are helpless. Then, as long as a packet of baking soda powder, you can easily solve it! First, you can sprinkle baking soda powder on the yellow stains, and then…

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