How to make full use bathroom cabinet ?

The same sorrow happen to girls and boys, it can’t fit in the bathroom cabinet ! Empolo is a professional team in bathroom filed, now take empolp bathroom solution into consideration. we have useful tips to improve the. Just follow us, take a look!

bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

Clarify your cabinet needs

First of all, you must be clear about the purpose of your wardrobe. This is the most important thing, such as storing slippers, cleaning supplies, towels and bath towels.

After we list all our needs, we can design our own bathroom cabinets.

Plate selection

bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

Commonly used cabinet materials are: solid wood, ceramics, plywood and PVC. Most of empolo cabinetchooses high-quality plywood.

Solid wood

Solid wood is also the most commonly used type of bathroom cabinet. Solid wood bathroom cabinets are made of distilled and dehydrated solid wood as the base material. After many waterproof treatments, the cabinet is finally processed into a board.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets have one of the biggest shortcomings, because many solid woods are basically oak or pine wood. The boards made of this solid wood material do not have any problems when they are wet; if it appears to be particularly dry If it is the case, or it is the occurrence of a dry and wet alternate situation, it may appear dry and cracked. This requires the treatment of the surface paint of the bathroom cabinet, which must be very good.

Ceramic bathroom cabinet

The ceramic bathroom cabinet is a cabinet made of a ceramic body directly fired according to the model, and the countertop of the ceramic bathroom cabinet is generally ceramic.

The biggest advantage of ceramic bathroom cabinets is that they are very clean, tidy and free of pollution. And even if it is dirty, it is easy to take care of, which is very suitable for many families who don’t like to do housework. However, ceramic bathroom cabinets have a big disadvantage, that is, they are made of ceramics and are very afraid of bumps. Be very careful when installing and using it. If the installation is not evenly stressed, it will be very easy to crack later.


The production process is the same as the solid wood structure. After the paint is finished, it will not be deformed during use, and the color will not change easily. The weight is heavier than general materials.

PVC bathroom cabinet

The specific structure of the PVC bathroom cabinet is that the material of the cabinet is the PVC structural foam board, and the countertops are also similar products.

PVC bathroom cabinets have a great advantage in that they are corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, and cheap. But its shortcoming is also obvious, that is, it is prone to deformation when subjected to force. So its carrying weight is very small. Such PVC bathroom cabinets are generally used in very small toilets.

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