Only 3 Steps You Can Remove The Basin Faucet

Water is inseparable every day. Basin Faucet is an important switch for us to obtain water, but after a long time, the faucet needs to be replaced. Here you can remove the basin faucet only in 3 steps. In addition to sharing the removing steps, you should also know some precautions.

 Basin Faucet

Basin Faucet

Steps To Remove The Basin Faucet

Step 1

First, close the angle valve under the faucet of the basin, otherwise the water may overflow. Separate the water inlet pipe and the hose with a wrench, hold the water pipe with your left hand, and twist the wrench with your right hand to easily separate the two.

Step 2

Determine the position relationship between the basin and the faucet, whether the faucet can be replaced separately, or it needs to be removed to replace the basin. When disassembling the angle valve of the faucet hose, the action should be lighter and don’t break the faucet, otherwise things will change. It’s complicated.

Step 3

Finally, if it goes well, loosen the nut at the bottom of the faucet to successfully remove the basin faucet. If the hose under the basin faucet is deep inside the pipe, you can use a longer screw to soften it from bottom to top. The tube comes out.

 Basin Faucet

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Precautions For Removing Basin Faucet

1. In some households, the hose under the faucet of the basin is very deep in the pipe, and it takes a certain amount of effort to disassemble. This is because during installation, the valve core seat may be screwed to the faucet body. You can use a relatively long screwdriver to unscrew the screw counterclockwise from the bottom, and then IEC 60794-2 push the valve core seat and high-pressure hose out from the bottom up. Pay attention to the top to avoid damaging the sealing ring on the valve core seat before removing hose.

2. Some water inlet hoses have been used for a long time, and the water inlet hose cannot be unscrewed temporarily due to embrittlement or rust of the fasteners. You can put two or three drops of oil on the rusty part, and then take out the basin faucet.

I believe you can change the basin faucet by these steps and precautions effectively. If you are looking for new basin faucet, there are pretty faucets for your option in Empolo. Any interests, welcome to contact us, you will get free quote with factory price.