bathroom designs furniture

High-quality wood

With optimal water content ratio, the natural solid wood ensures thickness swelling rate of water absorption lower than 8%, and permanent and durable modeling of the bathroom cabinet.


Solid wood structure

It features superior, even texture and elegant veins, high harness, and naturally high resistance to wear.


Water-proof treatment

Three-step waterproof treatment includes thirteen painting procedures, seven times of grinding, four courses of primer and tow courses of top coat. Compared with the furniture industry, the completely water-resistant surface is more suitable for damp bathroom environment.

Fashionable and durable

We offer furniture with long service life in various color and sizes for your option, creating a colorful space for you.

World-class accessories

The hardware accessory of Blum, a world-class brand, can support 200,000 times of cabinet door movement. It features high anti-corrosion and high bearing capacity (130 kgs under the silence mode), and allows doors to be opened smoothly without any noise.

Piano baked enamel surface

PU piano baked enamel technology allow furniture surface to maintain glossy and smooth, with luminance 2.8 times higher than ordinary baked surface. It is high-density, highly waterproof, artistic and easy to clean.

Large storage space

The ultra-large cabinet with partitioned storage function makes it easy for you to store various commodities and create a clean and orderly bathroom.

Low formaldehyde content