Tips for choosing bathroom towel shelf

Bathrooms are generally equipped with towel shelf Some bathrooms have cabinets, and towels can be placed directly on the cabinets. As a necessary “weapon” in the bathroom, the shape of the towel shelf is also changeable and distinctive, with many materials and designs, which can meet the needs of different bathrooms. So how to choose the bathroom towel shelf?

towel shelf

towel shelf

How to choose a bathroom towel shelf?

1. Origin

If you prefer to choose a domestic brand, Guangdong’s products are generally better, and the best domestic electroplating is in Guangdong. We are a sanitary ware company located in Guangdong. Click here to view our products.

2. Base

The base of the bathroom towel rack is generally made of zinc alloy.

3. Accessories (such as screws)

At present, the towel hangers on the domestic market have the following materials, and the characteristics of the towel racks on the market:

  • All copper materials are currently the mainstream in China, characterized by high grades and relatively high prices;
  • Stainless steel materials were more popular in the past few years, characterized by relatively low-end grades, relatively low prices, and no rust;
  • Space aluminum materials are characterized by environmental protection, and rust-free is more popular in Europe and America.

4. Plating

In China, there is a saying that if you want to use the towel rack frequently, you should first see if the coating is good. Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the surface, the more obvious the mirror effect, and the better the coating process.

5. Introduction of sales staff

You can learn important information from the introduction of the salesperson. You can focus on this information. A good towel hanger has not only gone through the early polishing, polishing, and dust removal, but also has up to six or seven layers of nickel and chrome plating. The more plating layers, the better the quality.

6. Material

You can use the method of grip to see the quality of the material. Some businesses will use cast iron material to pretend to be copper or copper-zinc outdoor cable termination kit alloy hardware. Hold the towel and hang it for two or three seconds and then loosen it. The fog and traces will disappear quickly. Quality. If the fog and traces persist for a long time, the material is likely to be non-copper.

Nice bathroom towel shelves for your consideration

Bathroom Wall Mounted Shelf With Towel Rack Brass Bar

towel rack

towel rack

Bathroom 60cm single towel bar

The two all passed 24h salty spray test, the color of chrom/matt black/brush nickel can be for your option. Choose bathroom towel shelfves in EMPOLO.