Watermark Approved Shower Sets

Navigating the market for bathroom fixtures can be a challenge, especially when safety and compliance are top priorities. In Australia, one crucial factor in choosing a shower set is the watermark certification. This mark ensures that the product meets the Australian standards for water consumption and quality.

shower mixer with non return valve

shower mixer with non return valve


Understanding Shower Set Watermark Certification


The Watermark certification is an Australian regulatory mark applied to plumbing and drainage products to indicate compliance with the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3500). This certification is mandatory for all products intended for use in plumbing systems in Australia, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorized for use.


Importance of Watermark Certification for Shower Sets


When it comes to shower sets, the Watermark certification confirms that the product is safe to use, will perform as expected, and will not contribute to the wastage of water. This is integral in a country where water conservation is essential due to the variable climate and periods of drought.


How to Identify a Watermark Certified Shower Set


Shower sets with Watermark certification can be identified by the Watermark logo, which is usually displayed on the packaging or the product itself. Additionally, certified products are listed on the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) database, where consumers can verify the product’s certification.


The Certification Process


Manufacturers or importers must submit their shower sets for testing by an accredited laboratory to obtain Watermark certification. The product must meet the relevant Australian Standards for design, quality, and functionality. Once a product passes the tests, it receives a Watermark license and the right to display the certification mark.


The Benefits of Choosing Watermark Certified Shower Sets


Selecting a Watermark certified shower set offers numerous advantages to Australian consumers:


Assurance of Quality: Certified shower sets meet rigorous standards for quality and performance, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Health and Safety: Certification ensures the product is safe to use, protecting consumers from the risks associated with substandard fixtures.


Water Efficiency: Watermark shower sets comply with water efficiency regulations, contributing to water conservation efforts and potentially reducing utility bills.


Compliance with Regulations: Using certified products is compulsory under Australian law; thus, it guarantees that one is in compliance with building and plumbing codes.


Peace of Mind: Knowing that a product has passed thorough testing provides consumers with peace of mind regarding their investment in their home’s plumbing systems.


Sustainability and Watermark Certification


Beyond the assurance of safety and performance, the Watermark certification also plays an essential role in promoting sustainable water usage. The Australian government’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, in conjunction with Watermark certification, helps consumers identify and choose water-efficient products that can lead to significant water savings.


The Role of Plumbers and Retailers


Plumbers and retailers have a responsibility to understand and promote the importance of Watermark certification. They play a pivotal role in advising homeowners and ensuring that only compliant products are installed in Australian homes.


The Future of Watermark Certification


As technology advances and environmental concerns grow, the standards for Watermark certification may evolve to further improve the sustainability and safety of plumbing products. Consumers and professionals in the industry should stay informed about these changes to maintain compliance and support eco-friendly practices.



The Watermark certification provides Australian consumers with the confidence that their shower set not only meets high standards for performance and safety but also contributes to the country’s water conservation efforts. It is a crucial consideration for homeowners, builders, and plumbers alike, ensuring that bathroom fixtures provide a safe, efficient, and sustainable water flow. When selecting a shower set, look for the Watermark to ensure you are making a smart, compliant, and environmentally responsible choice for your home.