What are details to pay attention to when fitting bathroom cabinet?

  There is a term in the decorating industry called “golden kitchen and silver bathroom”, the small size of the kitchen and bathroom space, functional needs, the design and storage requirements are also very high! Like bathroom cabinet, a small piece of furniture, in fact, there are a lot of details to pay attention to when installing, if not the details do a good job, may lead to the renovation of the rollover situation!

european style bathroom vanity

european style bathroom cabinet

1, the bathroom cabinet installation size reserved

If the washbasin is left and right side of the wall, then there is no need to consider the size details, as long as to ensure that the toilet and other functions left enough space can be.

For washbasin left and right sides are against the wall of the embedded installation, then the size of the details is very important! This detail is mainly the width of the countertop section, as the countertop of a washbasin is generally wider than the bathroom cabinet below.

If you already have a favourite washbasin style, you can tell the plumber the “finished surface size” according to the size of your home, for example, if the washbasin is 600mm wide, you can tell theplumber to leave a 605mm finished surface, so that there is a 2-3mm gap on both sides, and you can use seam sealer to close it.

Say bathroom cabinets to customize, but only construction figure to save time, after all, tile finish surface control 5mm on the tile maker’s process requirements or quite high! Encounter process is not good renovation workers, then it is recommended to buy a washbasin before checking the size of the embedded position, if the size is not right to customize it!

bathroom vanity furniture

bathroom vanity furniture

2, bathroom cabinet wall-hang is preferred

Washbasin wall-hang the benefits of installation, no life experience people do not understand! Unless the wall is foam tile can not bear the weight, then the washbasin can be overhang on overhang installed!

bathroom furniture vanity

bathroom furniture vanity

① Wall-hang installation is more moisture resistant and durable

If you say that the washbasin in the dry area does not need to be wall-hang installation, you are afraid that you have not tried to clog the drainer and leak under the washbasin, right? If the sink is not wall-hang, like the cabinet below the fixed seal, dripping water can not be cleaned to, live a few years I’m afraid the bottom of the bathroom cabinet to rot and mold, if the particle board I’m afraid the entire sink will collapse!

② Practical storage

Washbasin wall-hang  installation, leaving the position below is a very practical storage position, children’s bath, washbasin and other items, can be stored in the sink below the overhanging position. It’s a handy feature that people with no experience of life would never know about!

Easy to clean

As opposed to a suspended washbasin with feet, wall-hang washbasin directly below, without feet, can be directly flushed with water when sanitation, cleaning up is also very convenient! General washbasin wall-hang below the recommended size of about 30cm, this size broom mop can go directly into the cleaning, is not a sanitary corner!

3, downpipe left in the corner position

bathroom vanity furniture

bathroom vanity furniture

Washbasin downpipe, do not stay too out, the correct approach is to install the downpipe next to the corner of the wall, so that after the installation of the wall-hang of the washbasin, the following overhang position in order to put a large bath, and the downpipe will not be exposed to affect the aesthetics. As for the downpipe left under the washbasin against the outside, it is obvious that the decoration workers have no life experience.