What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking?

What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking?

  1. bathroom shower set blockage

  2. bathroom shower nozzle with a long time.

  3. water output will become smaller. Because water quality is not good,water contains more alkali. Water scale deposits at  outlet hole, resulting in the shower blockage. You have to rely on  shower after service to solve. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable factory.

3.Shower plating

Many people have found that bathroom shower set will fall off coating, after coating is very ugly. If you just bought a shower soon after this problem, is very affect the beauty. And some poor quality shower will also cause blockages because of peeling. So we need to look carefully at surface of shower before we buy if there are any of problems.

bathroom shower set

bathroom shower set

When choosing bathroom shower set must be carefully observed, surface plating of  shower is smooth, if it is touching some rough, then it is possible that the secondary processing out.

4.bathroom shower set material problems

Some of shower material is plastic or cast iron. Plastic shower may join a lot of waste, lifetime will not be long. Some handheld showers use plexiglass ABS and other materials are good. But it is not recommended that you choose a cast iron shower, it is easy to rust. Many people who chose this shower are very regretful.Because it gets rust easily, ugly, also blocked  spout, whole shower is broken. At present, better material is pure BRASS material shower.

After knowing reasons, we can find solutions. Shower leaks mainly have following methods.

bathroom shower set

bathroom shower set

One.Leakage at bathroom shower set head steering ball

First of all, shower head from teering ball ring rotate away, find out O-ring or similar seal and replace it. Shower head rotate back to original position can be.

Two.Leakage at shower head handle connection

Select appropriate shower hose and faucet according to specifications, and replace its rubber ring, and reinstall.


Three.Leakage caused by sand or sediment

Shower head will be spun off to clean up, if necessary, vinegar soaked parts, and scrub parts, be careful to avoid scratching them. If shower head is adjustable spray type, carefully check all movable parts to see if there is excessive wear marks. If rotating handle can not move smoothly. Internal cam is bad, it is necessary to replace entire shower head.


Four.Shower head thin water into thick and thin mix

bathroom shower set

bathroom shower set

Bath shower with a long time, water will become smaller.Because water quality is not good,water contains more alkali.Water scale deposits in  outlet hole, resulting inshower blockage. The solution is also very simple, for the use of silicone particles designed for the shower.Gently knead can be. If limescale is serious, a plastic bag with vinegar can be used to wrap the shower and soak it for a period of time and rinse it with water.