choice of shower faucet is very important

In many bathroom furniture, the choice of shower faucet is very important, because it is high frequency to use shower faucet ,when purchase of shower ,we need to pay attention to quality of shower, so what is the bathroom shower selection methods?

shower faucet

shower faucet

1, Shower faucet main body and surface electroplating is exquisite,

one of its important factors. As we all know, the bathroom is much water dark and humid place, if electroplating process is not well, during use of  shower is easy to become black, and easy to foaming off, so in general, the more shinning, it means that the electroplating process is better, you can rest assured purchase.

shower faucet

black shower


2, Choice of shower faucet should be adapted to local conditions.

What do you mean by appropriate, as the name implies their own bathroom space determines everything. According to the size of the space to choose the right shower not only in the visual effect to relieve fatigue, but also allows you to have a comfortable enough bathing space, not only in the space to enjoy spring-like gentle, but also in use of touch the most original texture.

Shower/bath mixer

Brush gold wall-mounted shower/bath mixer

3, Choice of shower faucet material.

Because the bathroom is generally cold and wet, so choice of material for the shower is particularly important. Not only should choose a shower made of BRASS, but surface polishing,electroplating and other processes should not be missing, at least visually to your eye can pass. You should know that general use of the shower is 300,000 times.

4, Water-saving of shower

in this “cherish every drop of water” of modern society, shower as a “water” tool, then its water-saving nature is particularly useful. Elite showerhead design can ensure that each outlet hole spray out same amount of water, some showerheads can adjust flow of hot water into the mixing tank, which not only shortens cold water heating time, but also allows hot water to flow quickly, from time to time to achieve the effect of shortening.