kitchen faucet How to choose the perfect one?

The kitchen is an important place in the family. The correct choice of a kitchen faucet can reduce labor and save time. EMPOLO tells you the precautions for choosing a kitchen faucet.


Do you want to have the perfect kitchen faucet?


Function is an important reference factor for the purchase of kitchen faucets, hot and cold water, pull-out is the necessary basic features, filtration, touch control, etc. is the high-end features of the kitchen faucet.


kitchen faucet

kitchen faucet

Hot and cold water

Hot and cold water is the standard kitchen faucet, in the winter, only with hot water faucet can let us play in the kitchen to the fullest. Otherwise, it really is not want to wash the dishes.


With rotation function

Rotating function is also one of the standard features of the kitchen faucet, usually we wash dishes in the sink and brush pots and pans, inevitably will spill oil everywhere, wipe with a cleaning cloth will always have residue, at this time if the faucet can rotate, you can greatly expand the cleaning range, especially the kitchen with a double sink, a rotating faucet installed in the middle is the general existence of the gods.


Touch control

Touch function is the kitchen faucet of the higher-order features, often have a touch function of the kitchen faucet prices are also relatively high. Perhaps some people feel that the touch faucet is not worth the price, but in fact, the introduction of touch control does give us a lot of convenience, such as cooking or dishwashing without hands full of grease to manually switch, keep the faucet switch clean.

kitchen faucet

matt black kitchen faucet


Filtration is also counted as a high-grade design of the kitchen faucet, in fact, this function is optional, if your home has installed a water purifier, then the kitchen faucet does not need the filtering function, if your home is not installed water purifier, filtering function can give cooking water to enhance a little health protection.




Value is justice, a beautiful kitchen faucet will make the sink and even the whole kitchen become high-end atmosphere, the appearance of kitchen faucets constitute the main characteristics of the shape and skin.In terms of modeling, kitchen faucets are mostly similar to the swan neck as the mainstream, but there are still more differences in the appearance of the color scheme. In addition to occupying the mainstream of the hundred stainless steel color, in recent years also very popular black, gold and other design elements. Common surface treatments are as follows.


kitchen faucet

kitchen faucet

Chrome plating

Many families are using stainless steel sinks in the kitchen, this time with a chrome faucet is more than appropriate, because chrome can bring a shiny surface for the faucet, of course, you can also directly choose stainless steel faucet.


Brushed Nickel

Surface treatment technology developed on the traditional electroplating, can produce a variety of textural effects such as straight, messy, threaded, rotary, etc., of which straight is the most common.


Baking paint

This faucet surface gloss strong, and has a delicate texture, infectious.


Raw material


Although most consumers, in the choice of kitchen faucet is mainly to look at the appearance and function, but more importantly, we still need to pay attention to what the faucet material is.




Brass is the material used in most faucets, because brass contains copper ions, which can prevent bacteria from growing inside the faucet.There are many kinds of brass, we also need to carefully distinguish between the EU standard brass or non-standard brass or lead-free copper.


Stainless steel


is also one of the main selection of faucets, especially kitchen faucets. Stainless steel faucet need to recognize SUS304 stainless steel, the benefits are no lead, no rust, food grade.




Faucet water effect is mainly determined by the aerator, a good aerator can bring excellent water effect, not only feel soft, but also can effectively save water and prevent water splashing.


Surface treatment


Surface treatment not only affects the value of the faucet, but also determines the life of the faucet. A good surface treatment can make the faucet surface as clean as new for a long time; poor surface treatment will make the surface appear bumpy, and even yellow spots and peeling.

kitchen faucet

kitchen faucet

Rotate the water


Kitchen faucet that can rotate 360 degrees is a amazing faucet.




Cartridge is the core component of the faucet, it is recommended to buy the use of ceramic cartridge, more resistant to high temperature, wear-resistant.




Inlet-hose affects the safety of the kitchen water, if the quality is not up to par, it will permanently seep or burst directly.Only if we know how to buy a kitchen faucet, we can buy the most satisfactory products.And into the bathroom kitchen faucet, is such a collection of beauty and talent in the kitchen faucet.Finally, I recommend a kitchen faucet produced by us. Interested friends can check it out.