Installation Tips For In Wall Shower Mixer (Shower Room)

You can find pretty in wall shower mixers wholesale online and physical shop. The shower head can be divided into two types according to different installation methods. In this article, we are mainly talking about the in wall shower mixer. If your wall-mounted faucet has not been installed, then you can get some installation inspiration here.

In wall shower mixer

The in-wall shower in the shower room saves space and is very convenient to use. White rectangular tiles are posted on the wall, and the tiles are staggered and spliced, which looks very beautiful. There is also a wall-mounted shelf design inside the wall, which is very creative and makes the space utilization very good. The whole bathroom is white, which makes people feel very fresh and clean. There is a large mirror hanging on the wall. When people finish washing, they can look in the mirror beautifully to ensure a good mood every day.

Wall Shower Mixer

In Wall Shower Mixer

Installation method of in-wall shower mixer

Nowadays, the types and styles of faucets sold on the market are relatively large, which meets the needs of different consumers for home decoration. The in-wall shower faucet looks fashionable, and only the outlet of the faucet can be seen after installation. It looks very beautiful, then how to install the in-wall shower faucet? What are the precautions for installing the in-wall shower faucet?

 Steps to install the in-wall faucet?

In Wall Shower Mixer

In Wall Shower Mixer

  1. Install the in wallshower faucet—please turn on the water source first, remove impurities, sand, etc. in the piping, and then turn off the water source. The main purpose is to prevent the faucet from being installed and if there are impurities in the water pipe that cannot supply water normally, then rework again Installation is quite troublesome.
  1. Lock the wall-mounted shower faucet-flange cover into the tooth part of the water inlet elbow, then wrap the tooth part with a leak stop tape and lock it into the wall pipe, adjust the hot and cold waterIEC 60794-3 inlet elbow, and rotate the angle to flat Align the hole spacing with the body’s cold and hot water inlet hole spacing, and then rotate the flange cover to close to the wall, mainly for fixing.
  1. Insert the in wall shower mixer—rubber gasket into the connecting nut of the hot and cold water inlet of the body, and then connect and lock it with the hot and cold water inlet elbow. Please use a 30mm wrench.

Precautions for installation of in-wall shower mixer ?

  1. Install the wall-mounted shower faucet—make sure the water pressure is between 0.5-5kgf/cm before installation, so as to ensure the normal water supply of the faucet after installation.
  1. Before disassembling the wall-mounted shower faucet—before the body, please close the inlet elbow (water source), and disassemble it carefully to prevent damage to the faucet.
  1. When using the in-wall shower faucet, please do not touch the water outlet to prevent burns.
  1. Do not disassemble the shaft part by yourself during the use of the wall-mounted faucet.
  1. When cleaning and maintaining the in-wall shower faucet, do not use corrosive detergents to clean, avoid using vegetable cloth or decontamination powder to wash, so as not to damage the surface of the product and affect the service life. After cleaning, use a sponge to clean the surface Wipe clean the drops of water.

After obtaining the installation method and installation precautions of the in-wall shower faucet, you will also have a better understanding of the installation of the in-wall shower faucet. In fact, there are certain skills in the installation of any product. You can read the installation manual before installing.

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