Must-See Info Of Rain Shower Set Before Your Decision

Your new home decoration is about to be finished, start to list your needed rain shower set. The bathroom, as a link that cannot be ignored, requires the purchase of important items, toilets, cabinets, bathtubs, etc. To ensure our restful sleep throughout the day, showers have a great impact. Since there are many nice shower sets for sale, it is very important to choose the right shower set for you.

✔️ Know what is a rain shower set?

What Is a Shower Set? Shower minds, downpour taps, bath and shower faucets are components of downpour bodies. The shower head is the item that the water shows up of when you activate the downpour. Downpour taps are the shower head plus the valve that handles the flow of water as well as its temp.

When you’re looking for a downpour collection, you’ll notice a price and function variation between both major styles: thermostatic as well as pressure-balanced.

shower set

rain shower set

Thermostatic shower sets

Our thermostatic shower collections supply a luxury shower adventure with optimal water temperature level, water circulation, and energy-savings. The major distinction is a thermostatic valve feelings and also controls the true water temperature level, while a pressure-balanced shutoff detects and also controls simply the ratio of hot water to cool. Thermostatic collections MIL-C 28830 have pair of takes care of: one to regulate water flow and one for adjusting the water temp. When you set your best temperature level, the water will go to your recommended setup each time your turn on the shower.

Both our thermostatic as well as pressure-balanced sets are crafted along with a shutoff set to a max water temperature level, which protects against scalding. No commode flush or washing device stopping on are going to have an effect on the water temp while bathing.

Tension balanced

As the even more common possibility, our pressure-balanced shower sets enable you to control both the water circulation and also temperature via a solitary button. These collections are pressure-balanced through an interior sliding disc that reacts to adjustments in water stress and also changes the flow of hot and cold water to always keep a collection temperature.

Rain shower set

Rain shower set

✔️ What material is good for the rain shower set

I think it is better to use copper for the shower set, because the quality of the copper shower set is quite good, and the high temperature resistance of the copper shower set is very good, and its protection The corrosion effect is also very good, and the effect of the copper shower waterproof bedroom is also very obvious.

✔️ How to install the rain shower set

Step 1: Take out the elbow from the packing box, and wrap the thin end of the raw material tape (more than 10 turns).

Step 2: After the elbow is installed in place, install the elbow decorative cover and rotate it in place.

Step 3: Take out the valve, and remember to install leak-proof rubber gaskets in the water inlet holes.

Step 4: Test whether the shower valve is installed correctly.

Step 5: Install the connecting rod (remember to install the hand-held nozzle holder on the connecting rod first).

Step 6: Install the connecting rod holder.

Step 7: Mark the position to be punched with a pen, and drill the hole with an electric percussion drill.

Step 8: Fix the shower connecting rod.

Step 9: Wrap the raw material tape and fix the shower head.

Step 10: Install the hand-held nozzle to connect the hose.

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