Difference Between Toilet One Piece And Two Piece ?

Perhaps you are tearing between one piece toilet and two piece toilet, before you make the final decision please must take a look at the following article, you will get useful information.


Siamese style is more modern and fashionable than split style. Siamese style: beautiful appearance and smooth lines. Two piece toilet: sturdy.

two-piece toilet

two-piece toilet


Two piece toilet is cheaper than the conjoined type. The one-piece water tank and the base are integrated, and they are fired as a whole during firing. The molding rate is very low, up to 60%-70%, which is relatively expensive. The split water tank and the base are fired separately, and the forming rate is high, which can reach 90%, and the cost is much lower.

one-piece toilet

one-piece toilet


Cleaning And Care

The one-piece type is easier to clean than two piece toilet type. There is a seam between the split water tank and the base, and the base has many grooves and edges, which is relatively easy to be contaminated with dirt and not easy to manage. The one-piece water tank and the base are integrated, and the base is all-inclusive and has no grooves so it is easy to clean.


Two piece toilet will be limited by the pit distance during installation, while the conjoined type will not. Due to the low water level of the Siamese type, the pit distance of the Siamese type is generally short, in order to increase the washing power and have good water saving performance.

Drainage Method

The one-piece toilet is called the siphon type. It is generally believed that the siphon type is better. There are two types of siphon type: siphon jet type: mild noise; siphon whirlpool type: rapid, thorough, low odor, no noise.

Two piece toilet is called the straight-discharge type. It has a large impulse, and the noise is relatively large when flushing, but it is not easy to block. Some countries do not have a small waste basket next to the toilet. They will directly use the toilet opgw joint box to flush down, so they prefer the split toilet. , And will not be blocked, but some things are not environmentally friendly to throw in the toilet.

Target Groups

The current trend is the popular conjoined style, which is more fashionable, especially the younger generation loves to use it, and some middle-aged and elderly people live separately with their children to decorate themselves. In order to save money, they prefer to choose two piece toilet style because it is economical and affordable.

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