furniture grade bathroom vanity

Empolo bathroom furniture honors

Empolo bathroom furniture honors traditional cabinetry while being sympathetic to the modern home, and allows consumers the flexibility to mix styles in their fixture and fittings choices. One of the most classic of styles, Empolo has undoubtedly earned its place as an enduring choice for bathrooms. Customer discovers the reasons for its ongoing appeal, and…

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In Wall basin Tap

How to match In Wall basin Tap ?

The perfect match for the bathroom = in-wall basin tap + free standing basin   The in-wall mixer has a minimalist, premium look. The home appears to be permeated with tasteful, lived-in sophistication even in the bathroom. ? Issues to note when installing. 1⃣ The water pipe has to go through the wall drainage, so…

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black shower

Black shower design makes elegant space

Black shower design makes elegant space If you want to make your bathroom classy and elegant. but few people think of element of black. Perhaps it is the stereotype of the bathroom. We always think ,   bathrooms should be bright and airy . Black is not suitable for use in bathroom design. But with the development…

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bathroom shower set

What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking?

What should we do if bathroom shower set is leaking? bathroom shower set blockage bathroom shower nozzle with a long time. water output will become smaller. Because water quality is not good,water contains more alkali. Water scale deposits at  outlet hole, resulting in the shower blockage. You have to rely on  shower after service to solve. Therefore, it is important…

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water faucet

water faucet how to maintenance ?

 water faucet shower knowledge: tips on maintenance of water faucet shower, from a variety of maintenance to elaborate. Due to  water quality, environmental factors, internal shower will produce a certain amount of limescale and impurities. Limescale and impurities accumulated to a certain extent, may have an impact on bathing comfort, and even destructive effect on…

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shower faucet

choice of shower faucet is very important

In many bathroom furniture, the choice of shower faucet is very important, because it is high frequency to use shower faucet ,when purchase of shower ,we need to pay attention to quality of shower, so what is the bathroom shower selection methods? 1, Shower faucet main body and surface electroplating is exquisite, one of its important factors. As we all…

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